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MeRT (rTMS) Treatment

Scientific Studies: We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

The MeRT (rTMS) approach is an innovative and targeted treatment based on powerful third-party research published in the most prestigious scientific journals.

Below, you will find the peer-reviewed and published research regarding EEGs, rTMS, and MeRT that builds the foundation of our approach to treatment.

Every time you read about "Focused EEG", "Guided EEG", "Personalized EEG", "Customised EEG", as well as studies involving rTMS and magnetic stimulation focusing on Alpha-waves, you are reading about elements in MeRT. MeRT is a customised rTMS therapy.

Studies on rTMS

Studies on EEG Findings

Neuromodulation Studies and Reports

MeRT℠ Ongoing Clinical Trials with the Department of Defense for PTS, Post-Concussive Disorders, and TBI

Major Depression Studies

Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

PTS Studies

For Veterans Suffering from PTS who can’t go through MeRT℠ treatment, alternative treatments — and studies from the United States government — are discussed here

Autism Studies

Anxiety Studies

Parkinson’s Studies

Tourette Syndrome

Bipolar Disorder


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Brain Treatment Center introduction to MeRT℠ - Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Neurotech & PTSD with a Navy Surgeon - Dr. Erik Won | The FitMind Podcast

Optimizing Your Sleep Patterns & Recovery Through Brain Scanning | Dr. Erik Won

Inside Wave Neuro's Brain Treatment Center

A New Way to Treat PTSD, Concussions, and Traumatic Brain Injury

More than eight million Americans live with some of the devastating symptoms of PTSD, like Night terrors, flashbacks, and evenings spent in isolation—and it is estimated at least 600,000 post-9/11 veterans are part of that population.

Wave @ SXSW 2023

Check out our panel discussion “Your Brain Data and the Future of Mental Health.” featuring Dr. Erik Won, Dr. Vernon Williams and Nick Hardwick as they discuss the unlimited possibilities of Wave Neuroscience’s technology at South by Southwest 2023 in Austin, Texas

Stimulating Your Brain to Improve Human Performance | Dr. Erik Won | Wave Neuro

On this week´s episode of The Escape Your Limits Podcast, we sit down with an ex- U.S. Navy Flight Surgeon for Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268, Dr. Erik Won. He became CTO of Medical at Boeing, a Fortune 50 company, for nearly a decade. Holding an MBA from USC Marshall School of Business and an MPH from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, he has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals

Dr. Julie Kim discusses how MeRT℠can help those with Autism.

Hear Dr Julie Kim talk about MeRT℠ on FoxNews.

Research that specifically supports MeRT

Trauma Monthly

Magnetic Resonance Therapy Improves Clinical Phenotype and EEG Alpha Power in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Why is this important? MeRT℠ showed statistically significant improvements (p<0.001) in PTSD Checklist-Military (PCL-M) in pre and post treatment scores. This was corroborated by quantitative-EEG findings demonstrating increased global alpha band power (p=0.013) and delta band decrease (p=0.028). These data show trends toward normalization of EEG and concomitant clinical improvements using MeRT℠ stimulation for PTSD.

Aerospace Medical Association

Magnetic E-Resonant therapy alleviates combat related post-traumatic stress disorder

Why is this important? MeRT℠ may be a promising adjunctive treatment to help veterans suffering from PTSD.

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

Improved autism behaviors after noninvasive cerebral trans-magnetic stimulation using customized frequency modulation: follow-up mean 24 months

Why is this important? A chart review of ASD patients receiving MeRT℠ was performed on 141 patients. Clinical improvement was noted in the majority of patients - Class I research data is necessary to confirm this data.

Austin Publishing Group

The Potential of Magnetic Resonant Therapy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Why is this important? MeRT℠ may be a therapeutic option to pursue given EEG abnormalities in children with ASD.

Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics

Noninvasive EEG-EKG guided trans-magnetic stimulation at natural resonance frequency in children with autism: randomized double-blinded pilot study

Why is this important? MeRT℠ may impart EEG and clinical changes in children with ASD, with more research necessary at this time.

EEG Support Documents

Cell Press

The Speed of Alpha-Band Oscillations Predicts the Temporal Resolution of Visual Perception

Why is this important? Brainwave speed and specific function relates to processing speed.


EEG Analytics for Early Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A data-driven approach

Why is this important? Brain mapping shows high predictability of Autism.

Dementia & Neuropsychologia

Traumatic Brain Injury: An EEG point of view

Why is this important? Brain mapping shows general disruption in function in Traumatic Brain Injury.

Neuromodulation Support Docs

Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation affects behavior by biasing endogenous cortical oscillations

Why is this important? Brain Stimulation can affect function of stimulated brain tissue.

Current Biology

Rhythmic TMS Causes Local Entrainment of Natural Oscillatory Signatures

Why is this important? Brain Stimulation can affect function of stimulated brain tissue.

Frontiers in System Neuroscience

Making Waves in the Brain: What Are Oscillations, and Why Modulating Them Makes Sense for Brain Injury

Why is this important? Injury induced disruption of neuronal oscillations has profound impacts on neural connectivity and behavior. Changes in EEG can be used as a biomarker to confirm mild and moderate TBI.

Sonal Home Treatment

  pdf Nissan Formula E Team demonstrates improvements in cognitive function with bespoke brain training program (1.03 MB)

MeRT, is the abbreviation for Magnetic Resonance Therapy. It is a highly customised use of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or rTMS, based on sophisticated diagnostics.

Like rTMS, the MeRT therapy is a non-invasive, painless, and drug-free option for the treatment of a wide range of neurological conditions.

MeRT is a non-invasive, painless treatment

Equipment approved by the Australian Government Department of Health/Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Drug free treatment

MeRT treatment does not require sedation and is completely drug-free 

because life quality matters